MIA, 2013

I'm torn between feeling compelled to defend owing an MIA album, whilst chafing against the idea of needing to. Since I am here to talk, I suppose I might as well explain myself: I got on the MIA train early; the first album, in fact. It seemed like brash trash and was fun as all fuck. Honestly, it was also a time in my life where I needed a fun injection. I've followed her work since, but nothing really sparked like her debut. Plus, I just can't help but be annoyed at her sampling one of the Clash's best songs—but that was almost certainly the point.

Matangi is the first record since then to recapture the sheer concussive force of her first LP. In my memory, Matangi is all sirens and line drums; playing it back, there's certainly more to it, but I can still see why it persists that way, after the last note is done. It's downright bangin'.