Michalis Moschoutis, 2015

When you see a description like, "these are entirely acoustic recordings of nylon string guitar improvisations", a big red flag ought to fly: Why are they emphasizing entirely acoustic? If it's an album of nylon string guitar, I'll likely assume that. Even with flags accounted for, I was ill prepared for Nylon. This is one-man, nylon-string guitar warfare. Listening to the whole thing calls to mind Okkyung Lee's Ghil: an album of solo cello, notably recorded by noise artist, Lasse Marhaug. Sounding like he has at least twice as many fingers as strings, Moschoutis hammers away at the strings and body of the guitar. He pops, snaps, bows, rubs and scrapes. Every conceivable noise and wealth of others you'll never expect issue from these grooves. More than just surprising, the singular soundscapes he creates are engrossing, employing the full resonant force of the acoustics.