field report no.092216

SUBJECT: Ricardo Dias Gomes

I have a hunch this show was hastily assembled. I tend to stay pretty on top of what's coming through the city—at least what's going down at particular venues I often frequent—and I only found out about this the morning of the show. It seems weird to me that that Ricardo Dias Gomes (who I picked as releasing my favorite record of 2015) would have gone under my radar. If it did, I wasn't alone, the attendance was as sparse as I've ever seen. Quite literally, it felt like I was the only one there that didn't either work there, or know the bands personally.

I wish this would have garnered more attention, as Gomes put on a great set. He successfully flips the script of his musical heritage. So much of Brazilian music is intimate, breezy and soft; think João Gilberto. Gomes' style is still intimate—he plays solo, even without much of the electronic embellishments of his album—but it's abstract and amorphous where it should be soft and tense, even awkward where it should be breezy and cool.

Not knowing Portuguese, I would have loved to have heard more songs I recognized from his album, –11, but apparently he's been working up material for a new album, which is even more heartening.

NOTES: Ricardo Dias Gomes